So I was thinking about some of the amazing architecture found in Spain today and had a Eureka! moment and decided that is what I'd do my next blog on but as I was snooping around looking for pictures of some of this awesome shtuff I started thinking about some of my favorite wines (mostly from Spain), thinking about yummy cheeses (also mostly from Spain) and then tapas came to mind, and Spanish ham! So this blog has now evolved into all things Ethpanya! (I really hope you get the joke...) Anywho, on to the architecture!
This is the Basque Health Department (El Departamento de Sanidad y Osakidetza) building in Bilbao, Spain. Done by Coll-Barreu Arquitectos. The exterior is actually a glass shell configured with irregular angles that generate multiple reflections visible from the inside changing its appearance depending on the point of view, the hour and the season. The architects describe it as “a very effective mechanism for the integration of urban vitality in the interior of the building. The city is perceived like a multidirectional system of moving vectors.” The façade is also a double skin that responds to energy saving requirements, allowing the abolition of traditional air-conditioning systems and false ceilings, insulating heat, reducing noise and letting in precious natural light.
(interior of Basque Health Dept. bldg)

I'm sure we all know what this one is...in case you don't here's a hint...(Guggenheim, Bilbao). This building is what made me realize that when I was going to F.I.D.M. studying fashion design that I was majoring in the wrong field (yes, I'm that old. I was in college when this opened to the public :\) The Guggenheim sits on the Nervion River in Bilbao, Spain with a humongous Spider "Maman" by Louise Bourgeois (I had the chance to see her exhibit at MOCA in LA before I moved to hotlanta!) and was designed by Mr. Frank Owen Gehry. The thought that was put into the design is awesome (can you tell I like that word?) Gehry stated that the randomness of the curves were designed to catch the light and since it is located in a port town it is intended to resemble a ship and the reflective titanium panels are meant to resemble fish scales, echoing organic life like the fish in the Nervion River.

(another view of the Guggenheim, Bilbao)
The Alamillo Bridge done by Santiago Calatrava was actually supposed to be twin bridges but only one was ever finished. Alamillo was built when Spain chose to host expo '92 on a large deserted island in the Guadalquivir River in Seville. The thirteen pairs of cables span 600 ft. and support a beam down the middle of the road that is cantilevered out from the beam and maintains the intended image of a harp.

Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciences (City of Arts and Sciences) is a collection of four buildings and a walkway in the dry riverbed of what was once the River Turia in Valencia Spain. Another Santiago Calatrava masterpiece collaborated with Felix Candela. The "city" is made up by the following structures usually known by their Valencian names:

(l' hemisferic - imax theater, planetarium/laserium)

(palacio de las artes reina sofia - opera house & performing arts center)

(l'oceanografic - open air oceanographic park)

(l'umbracle - walkway/garden)

(el museu de les ciencies principe felipe - science museum)
Dammit man, I'm pooped! I was going to go on and on about Gaudi architecture, Santa Maria del Mar, more Santiago Calatrava but I don't think I can go any further tonight. I shall end here and tomorrow I'll continue with wines and cheeses of Spain!
until then, adeu.

I'll take any and all help as far as blog tips are concerned.
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  1. Omg these are amazing. That garden/walkway...can I get married there?


  2. yes but that will be tomorrow rather than today. I went to a private tasting at a new south american restaurant out here in Atlanta and it was fantastico! I'm going to blog about them today :D

  3. mmm. looking forward to the wine and cheese post! {los chicos son delicioso en España}

  4. yes yes yes! muy delicioso! argh! i'm falling behind! i've been hella busy though so that is good. went and watched the valentino movie tonight. LOVED IT!!! that will be another blog post! i'm going to be very busy this weekend. i'm going to see glenn beck tomorrow night too so that might be another blog post