uh, like a horse...

so hbo has a new show. it's kinda like weeds. that is if John Holmes were starring in it! Thomas Jane (yummers!) Anne Heche and some other chick i've never heard of (Jane Adams) are starring in it and it's slated for a June 28 premiere (a day before my birthday!)

Years ago in high school, Ray Drecker (Thomas Jane) was athletic, popular and destined for success. Now, as a high school teacher and basketball coach, he's underpaid, uninsured and embittered that his wife of 20 years (Anne Heche) has left him for her dermatologist. After a fire damages the rundown Detroit home he inherited from his parents, Ray's fortunes reach an all-time low when his twin children, who had been living with him, move in with their mom and her clean-freak hubby. Lonely, run-down and at wit's end, Ray attends a local self-help class whose mantra is to identify a person "winning tool" to market for financial success. After a not-so-fulfilling encounter with a fellow attendee - an ex-flame and would-be poet named Tanya (Jane Adams) - Ray has a "eureka!" moment. With the help of Tanya, Ray resolves to take advantage of his greatest asset, in hopes of changing his fortunes in a big way.


  1. Is this for real? I'm excited. haha <3

  2. lol

    gabby was right...think I'll be checking in:)

  3. sweetness! i'm working on a new one right now but being new to blogging it takes me FOREVER!

  4. Who can pass-up a show titled HUNG!
    Ahhh yes, might have to spring for some cable now!