the emperors magnificent clothes!

wow, i took a major hiatus from my baby blog and i feel sooo bad for being so neglectful. I was super busy then got sick and then met a boy and have been in la-la-land with butterflies in my stomach for the past few days but i'm back and i swear i'll never neglect my baby ever again! now onto my new blog!

so a couple days ago we went to see VALENTINO: THE LAST EMPEROR and it was AMAZING!!!!! you'll come to see AMAZING!!!! is one of my favorite things to say (unfortunately in my head as i'm typing it i'm screaming it out and it sounds like Oprah announcing one of her guests "Kelly Clarksooooooonnnnn!!!!!") ::shake it off!:: so, i was like, i have to blog about this, the movie was wonderful! it's such a cool thing to see behind the scenes and get such a candid look at one of the last great minds in high fashion. as with anything i do i like to read up on it and get to know a little bit more of what i'm talking about so i don't sound like a foolio (it's bad enough i seldom capitalize and type like one). well, i got so deep into the life of Valentino and Giancarlo Giammetti (his business partner and at one time boyfriend) that i sort of forgot about the blog i wanted to do and just kept reading and reading anything i could find on them. what a great story, they met in the Via Veneto in Rome, Italy back in 1960. it's a sweet story one i don't really feel like reiterating right now but check out the link. it's a lovely story and one that got me started on reading more about them. well, anyways, they love that they have for each other is a sweet thing and makes for a great movie. THE LAST EMPEROR is based on the 45th anniversary of Valentino designing and they do this big two day gala in Rome where there's a retrospective of 200 of his favorite designs, a fashion show and two humongous galas designed by the amazing Dante Ferretti and you start to see another narrative bubbling up with the interference of the corporation that had bought a controlling interest of Valentino's label :\ it's a beautiful movie filled with gorgeous clothes, tempers flaring up, outrageous parties, flying acrobats in Valentino Gowns flying over the ruins in Rome. just a total feast for the eyes and quite a bit to make you laugh and definitely cry. it's the first movie i've ever gone to where at the end everyone gave a standing ovation. once this movie goes to a theater near you definitely go see it!



  1. Wow I love that dress that Uma is wearing!

  2. Amazing! Hope your weekend is going well!!

  3. thank you, thank you! it is! i always enjoy my weekends! we typically do the same thing but it's fun. brunch, shopping, movie, dinner, run. sleep, repeat on sunday ;) hope yours is going well too! thanks for the comment :D