Eno Henze

So not much is available about Eno except that he's a German digital artist living in Berlin, and his work is amazing, typically large-scale and has an organic feel to them. I'm in total awe of his work, it's like someone threw James Nares and cheesecloth in a washer, added a couple drops of food coloring et voila! an Eno Henze piece appears!

The following pictures are from his "Human Factor" series which he's been working on since 2006 and he considers it "a collaborative process between me and the machine."

Eno Henze interviews Eno Henze

Another of his series "The Subjektbeschleuniger (subject accelerator)" mimics signatures subatomic particles leave in collision detectors such as installed at the CERN in Geneva. They kind of remind me of this Native American pottery I used to collect where they would set horse hair in the clay before they would fire the vases/pots and it would love amazing squiggly lines throughout, almost like black streaks of lightning.

...now here's some of that pottery I was talking about...



  1. Me too. Beautiful, just beautiful..

  2. You find the most gorgeous stuff!

    You likened me to EVA MENDES. I want to hug you.